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Satire Nation is a country unlike any other. It’s a place where a few weirdly assembled beings offer their view on this world and the people on it.
Our primary goal is to achieve world domination make you laugh. And if this website has any real merit we like to believe our writing makes you think a little. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn something everytime you visit.

Satire Nation currently has four inhabitants:


Lester Beaver is a beaver. His life consists of chewing trees and building dams. Of course his biggest passion is writing.
Lester was born a regular beaver. However, due to a CIA experiment gone wrong, his brain was replaced by that of a human. (Lester personally believes Paris Hilton is in possession of his original beaver brain. This has yet to be confirmed by either the CIA or Miss Hilton herself.)
As a beaver Lester’s view on humanity is intriguing to say the least. In his articles he often speaks on behalf of the entire animal kingdom. He can be critical and fierce but also innocent and cuddly. His biggest frustration is that his anatomy does not allow him to masturbate.



 (pronounced ‘Basil’) is an alien from a planet called Burkina Faso, some 310 light years away. On a routine pitstop in 1947, he crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. He was taken prisoner and subjected to painfully pointless experiments by the hands of his human captors. Basil only recently managed to escape. He currently lives in hiding, stuck on planet Earth.
In his blog, Basil shares his experiences with humanity and his thoughts on our species.




Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of the greatest democracy in the world: North Korea. Generally considered the world’s most dashingly attractive leader with supreme leadership skills, Kim Jong Un also has a vulnerable side. From his diary we learn it’s not easy being on top of the world all the time. We’re offered a peek inside the mind of the most lauded of supreme leaders as he learns that, with great power comes great food.














Arend van Nerel by all accounts was born on Earth sometime in the early 80’s. In his early twenties, he studied clinical psychology, only to find out listening to other people’s problems for eight hours a day was kind of a pain in the ass. Being gay, this wasn’t much of a problem, rather too much of a good thing. Instead, he pursued several careers in various countries throughout the years, finally concluding that people and life are incomprehensible, even when one is stoned. In search for answers, he pointed his arrows at humanity’s imagination. In his letters Arend reaches out to real fictional characters, pressing them for answers or offering some advice.
More recently, A. van Nerel started writing eulogies on people that haven’t died yet. Generally speaking A. van Nerel looks for reality in imagination, something a psychologist might consider to be dysfunctional.


  • http://www.thepeanutbuttertable.com Eva Watson

    Many thanks for poking around the site. Welcome. Now, I will poke around check out your pieces because I’m a good poker.

    • http://www.satnat.net Basil the Roswell Alien

      Thanks! I’m glad I came across your site through Ned Hickson’s blog (you guys did a great job on that blog hop!

      • http://www.thepeanutbuttertable.com Eva Watson

        Thanks for reading! That was fun. I’m so glad my paranoia was justified.

  • http://annkoplow.wordpress.com The Year(s) of Living non-Judgmentally

    Thanks for the follow. I am honored. Deeply.

    • http://www.satnat.net Arend van Nerel

      You’re very welcome, and likewise of course!;)

  • http://bellemorgen.wordpress.com belle★beckford

    Hey, I’m still not getting your posts in my WP reader! This is very distresssing :(
    Also, very important, you need to check the website name on your links because we’re being redirected to “satnet.net” whenever we click on your blog name in wordpress.

    • http://www.satnat.net Lester Beaver

      Hey Belle,
      Thanks for pointing it out! Here’s what happened. All of my subscribers have been moved to satnat.net, which is great, except that satnat.net is not hosted by WP, so that doesn’t appear in your reader anymore. I do however post a link to new material on my old randomnessessities account. This happens every day at 8:05 Eastern time (yes, I’ve become a time nazi overnight;)). To get this in your reader, simply browse for tags ‘satire’ ‘humor’ ‘sarcasm’ or ‘cynism’ (I use those four tags for all my posts). You can then click follow in your reader and receive updates every day.
      Randomnessessities itself has gone offline, but you can click on the link provided in the reader.
      I really do apologize for the trouble. I blame my lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to the internet and computers. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know about this and I hope the above pans out. Of course feel free to let me know if it doesn’t!

  • http://nebusresearch.wordpress.com Joseph Nebus

    I’d wanted just to thank, I’m guessing, Lester for liking my little “Flight to Ohio” thing when it came up.

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

      You’re very welcome! I’ll make sure Lester gets the message!

  • http://fqdayib.wordpress.com Somali Womanhood

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking it. I am honored and flattered. You have a great blog going for you. I’ve become a fan.

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

      Thank you, I am very flattered! I came across your blog as I was scouring WordPress for blogs on the topic of racism (which my latest blog was about). I somehow landed on your site. I’m glad I did. I think a blog like yours really shows how the internet can be used for the good.

  • http://anniemationfloe.wordpress.com Anniemation Floe

    One of the best blogs I have the honor of following! Keep it up & keep amusing, well, me – for starters!! :D

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

      Thank you very much! I don’t know what to say except that I feel a bit shy when I get compliments like that.

      I will definitely keep it up, though, as it is my dream to make a living writing a blog and sipping lattes at Starbucks all day. (Perhaps I should rephrase that to say something the likes of ‘I want to change the world for the better’, but in all honesty, I really like sipping lattes.)

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  • http://attaleuntold.wordpress.com Arkenaten

    Having seen a like on a post by my Altered Ego

    I popped by but after feeling like a voyeur from reading the above conversation I now have a Polite Headache.
    I shall leave you and Cliveypops x while I peruse and look around your site for some beaver.

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

      Sorry for my late reply, but thanks for stopping by nonetheless. I agree, the conversation with Cliveypops was politer than dinner with the Queen of England on her birthday;)

  • http://sozsatire.wordpress.com sozsatire

    I spotted one of your posts, the one about God sporting a fine pair of female attributes along with a small appendage to be precise, on my friend, Mike Steeden’s Facebook timeline and thought it rather good.
    I therefore have decided to stalk all three of you in a rather benign and friendly fashion if that’s ok?
    After all we satirists should stick together no matter which species we belong to, right?
    All the best and may all your lodges be warm and waterproof

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

      Dear Clive,
      Thank you for following my blog and for being so very polite about it…That’s one British stereotype that fortunately seems to be true: you guys really are the politest people on the planet. When Britain conquered large parts of the globe a while back, I’m sure they must have been very polite about it.
      Been going through your blog and I must say yet another one of my prejudices regarding the Brits seems to be true: you’ve got a great sense of humor (or humour, in your case). I look forward to reading more of your work!

      • http://sozsatire.wordpress.com sozsatire

        I simply cannot believe how polite you’re being about my legendary, stereotypical, British politeness Arend.
        I simply cannot recall politeness such as yours no matter how far back I cast my mind old chap.
        If there were a Nobel Politeness Prize for politeness above and beyond the call of duty I would not rest until that particular glittering prize was in your polite grasp!
        On a serious note, thank you for your kindness and for giving your polite seal of approval to some of my ridiculous scribblings.
        Much appreciated my friend and I look forward to a long and lasting, albeit extremely polite, friendship

        Yours in utter, utter politeness


        • http://randomness.wordpress.com A. van Nerel

          Okay stop it…this is more politeness than a human being could possibly bear. In fact, if you go on like this, my obituary might read: ‘Death by Politeness’….Actually, that sounds like something Monty Python could have done…or perhaps you, being British and therefore an expert on being polite;)
          Kindest regards wrapped in warmest sentiments,

          • http://sozsatire.wordpress.com sozsatire

            Dear Lester
            I should like to thank you most kindly for “liking” my latest post today. It really is awfully good of you.
            I just hope you’re weren’t doing it out of politeness as I don’t think I could stand that. Not after all we’ve meant to each other these last 30 something years.

            All my love always my darling

            Cliveypops x

  • http://randomness.wordpress.com Basil the Roswell Alien

    Thank you!
    And don’t worry, Ned. Us aliens can’t interbreed with anything on this Earth. Not even beavers. Believe me, we tried…

    • http://randomness.wordpress.com Lester Beaver

      Yeah…can’t say us beavers were thrilled by that experience:S

  • http://nedhickson.wordpress.com/ Ned’s Blog

    As long as X01BBET and Lester don’t have a baby, I’ll keep reading…
    Hah! Who am I kidding! Of course I’ll keep reading!